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Artists from all over the world

On September 13 and 14, 2024, the Theater National in Bern will be transformed into an exquisite dance palace that welcomes artists from all over the world. Breakdancers merge with swing, acrobatics unite with comedy – an unprecedented combination that will thrill the audience. The “Break the Swing” event promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Ein Tänzer und eine Tänzerin, welche eine Tanzshow liefern.

Dancers & moderation

Top-class dancers at world champion level in your area.

Let us take you on a sensational journey into the world of dance!

We present Nellia and Dietmar, the swing legends from Germany, known from social media and TV, including “Let’s Dance”, SWR, RTL and more. These dancers combine tradition with modern influences and make every event an unforgettable experience. Prepare yourself for a highlight of the show: an absolute breakdancing icon – “BBoy Junior”. Probably the most watched BBoy of all time, with over 50 million views on YouTube! He is the winner of the 2nd season of “Incroyable Talent” (France’s Got Talent) and promises to surpass all previous ideas of breakdancing with his performance. But that’s not all! Step into the fascinating world of breakdance with breakdance world champion Bboy Issue from Korea and co-founder of the globally successful crew “Morning of Owl”. See spectacular moves that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Prepare yourself for the electrifying performance of the Italian world champion duo Lara and Fabio in Boogie Woogie (Swing) 2022, who are also multiple Italian champions. Their dances are pure magic on stage and take you straight back to the golden swing era. Experience Nicolas and Noëmi, the reigning European champions in acrobatic rock’n’roll – a combination of powerful acrobatic elements and infectious rhythms. You won’t be able to keep still in your seats! Another highlight is Bboy Kid Colombia, the winner of the Red Bull BC One Holland 2023, member of the famous “Flying Steps”. His incredible skills will amaze and thrill you.

The multiple Italian Boogie Woogie champions and bronze medalists of the 2023 World Cup Final Giulia and Simone will also enchant you with their breathtaking energy and technique. You can also look forward to the lively and dynamic performances of “Ella’s Fellas“, who achieved 2nd place at the International Lindy Hop Championships (ILHC) Europe with their passion for Lindy Hop and Swing. Their show will take the audience back to the swing era and ensure pure dancing pleasure.

The four-member action comedy group Styleacrobats will guide you through the entire event, providing entertainment at the highest level. Known from three years of touring with “Das Zelt”, as audience winners of the Swiss Talent Awards and as finalists of the Comedyclub Battles, they will guide you through the evening in a charming and funny way.


The following artists will provide top-class live music and entertainment.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience!

The Belmondos dance band will whisk you away to the glamorous world of swing from the 1930s and 1940s. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique big band sound and the artful fusion of dance and entertainment. This troupe lives the spirit of this legendary era and brings the glamor of the past into the present. Their music is a tribute to the great swing legends that will make you dream and dance.

You can look forward to Hans Beatbox, the star of Kaya Yanar’s live show, known from “Young Artist” and the acapella bands “Invivas” and “A-Live”. With his amazing beatboxing skills and impressive vocals, he manages to thrill the audience and transform every event into a rhythmic sensation. His performance is living proof of the power and versatility of the human voice.

Experience the captivating sound of Marco Karrer, a gifted saxophonist who has lit up stages with stars such as Luca Hänni and Stefanie Heinzmann. His passionate saxophone playing combines emotion and virtuosity and gives every performance a special, magical touch. Let yourself be enchanted by his gentle melodies and dynamic rhythms and be carried away into a world full of musical emotions.

Breakdancers meet swing, paired with music and comedy

Experience a groundbreaking fusion of breakdance and swing, presented by the absolute masters of their craft. The world champions in breakdancing and boogie woogie will shine on stage, while the award-winning Styleacrobats will guide you through the evening. The music is created by Hans Beatbox, known from Kaya Yanar’s live show, Marco Karrer (saxophonist) and the swing band “Belmondos Tanzkapelle”.

Breakdance icons Bboy Issue (Kor), Kid Colombia (NL) and BBoy Junior (Fra) share the stage with German TV and social media stars Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut (70 and 76 years young). They have already shown their captivating dance performances to millions of viewers on social media and TV. Generations unite, while “Break the Swing” reaches the hearts of the audience with infectious energy. Secure your tickets now or plan a team event with your company.

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